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La Vue MPS No Rub solution for soft contact lenses

Gentle but effective disinfection for contact lenses.
With shipment GLS for 2032,00 Ft
Base price with tax 6350,00 Ft
Sales price 4500,00 Ft
Discount -1850,00 Ft
Price / kg:

Benefits of La Vue No Rub Solution
• La Vue No Rub Solution was formulated with the lowest possible levels of chemicals but at the same time it is a very effective disinfectant.
• Effectiveness of La Vue No Rub Solution was confirmed by independent laboratory testing. La Vue No Rub Solution was shown to be 15% more effective than other multi-function solutions.
• Allergies to contact lens solutions pose a lot of problems for contact lens wearers. Since La Vue No Rub Solution contains the lowest possible level of chemicals, it has the lowest incidence of allergic reactions (less than 0.25%).


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